Karen Jordan

Workout Anytime Franchising - VP Operations

It has truly been a pleasure working with R2 Management Group. The support and communication they provide is vital to keep our organization successful. They have the solutions that keep our club owners in control of their personal training programs without becoming overwhelmed. R2 Management Group offers various management options to meet each clubs individual needs. They provide as much or as little help as we need. I highly recommend anyone searching for an answer to managing their personal training program to use R2 Management Group.

Buster Osborn

Next Total Fitness - Owner

“Throughout the years there have been numerous enhancements within the health club industry relating to membership results and services. However, nothing has been able to consolidate membership results, attrition, and balance like I have seen with R2 Management. Wonderful facility atmosphere!

Michael Ward

Gold's Gym - District Manager

"I have worked with R2 Management Group for a while now and the quality of their Personal Training Management skills is unmatched. They hire, train and develop talent as well as anybody I have seen in the health club industry. I would say they run a 5 star operation!!”

Dominic Gerleve

W.G. Personal Training

“I’ve worked in the fitness business as a very successful business owner as well as in business development for the past 9 years and have worked with the owners of R2 Management Group very closely. The attention to detail, sense of urgency as well as sense of ownership with the clubs they have operated in have helped me in my successful management of staff and attaining the goals necessary to grow my business. I will continue to do business with R2 Management Group in the future and recommend them highly to any club owner interested in professionalism, success, and greater profits.”

Mic Dennis

Family Fitness Centers

After many months of Shopping, researching, and just plain procrastinating, my company Family Fitness contracted R2 Management Group. We had all the excuses - we can do this ourselves, not worth the upfront cost, can we trust these guys, etc. But at the end of the day, I needed to do what I do best, "market and sell memberships" and take my nonexistent personal fitness programming, and all the grief and extra duties that takes me away marking and selling memberships and hand it over to some one who excels at it: R2 Management Group. They've made me look like a genius with my partners and investors, now we make more money with no worries, less stress, than doing it ourselves. My staff has benefited also, They can sell membership more confidently and with more enthusiasm: "what they sold will be delivered...results and retention.”

Zach Marcy

Synergize Fitness

"As an owner of multiple successful businesses I've never skimped on surrounding myself with success coaches and hiring professional help. R2 Management is, hands down, one of the best investments I've made by entrusting their expertise and systems in guiding me with my business. I recently made a huge leap out of my comfort zone into a brand new market of the health and fitness industry. With a very methodical approach R2 helped lead me from ideas to inception of a business that is now well on it's way to 6 figures. Thank you for assistance and I will continue to use R2 as one of my main sources for continued growth and prosperity."

A. Scott Higginbotham

C.O.O - EFT Group

"Very innovative colleague's who were very instumental in expanding our companies vision"

Tim Keightly

V.P of Fitness and Personal Training - Golds Gym International

A dynamic and motivated team with an excellent track record of success in business development, operations and sales setup and management. Each are inspiring to work with in all areas of business, most particularly in strategic planning for growth/expansion of businesses and creating, developing and delivering innovative solutions for companies with aspiring visions

Mike Deigan

Director of Business Development - Total Health Interactive

R2 Management Group does some great work, and they do it with integrity. If you are looking for help with personal training in your club or other services, I highly recommend R2 Management Group.

Strategic Partners

Gary Mirsky

Pro Club Group: President

R2 Management Group has delivered the results I have been looking for as well as being a pleasure to work with. These guys are real pros, always keeping the gym owner in mind by delivering a very high rate of return on a gym owner’s investment. Proclub Group is an International Gym and Fitness Center Consulting and Management Company with over 25 years of experience and as president I can tell you that Bill and Marcus have developed a highly qualified team of health professionals covering all aspects of Personal Training. What impressed me the most was their flexible problem solving skills tailored to provide the right solution for my clients. Most importantly these guys give very practical business advice based on real experience and solid business practices while using up to date business and fitness operation concepts. I would highly recommend R2 Management Group for anyone looking to maximize their profits and eliminating the confusion and frustrations of running a PT program.

Adam Sacco

Members Today

“After working with R2 Management Group on a couple or projects I can honestly say that they are one of the most knowledgeable and professional companies around. When clubs ask who to call for guidance in their Personal Training Department I refer them to R2 Management because I know that they will receive the best customer service. I would highly recommend them to anyone.”

Chris Gallo

Club Ready

"R2 Management group takes immense pride in the overall operations of his health clubs and it shows in there high standards of excellence and financial performance..."

Robert Balcomb

Matrix Fitness Systems

“I would recommend R2 Management to any club owner/operator that is interested in not only making money but actually interested in the satisfaction of their members. R2 has done a fantastic job creating a PT model that actually keeps the club owner in control and also focuses on the client’s results instead of just sales numbers. I would recommend R2 Management to any of my customers looking for answers in the personal training business. “

Nikki Layke, Sales Director

ABC Financial

During the time I’ve worked alongside R2 Management Group, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to better understand the company philosophy and the driving forces behind the organization, Marcus Shanahan and Bill Burke. What I’ve come to learn is that it’s not often club operators have the opportunity to bring a team into their facility that will not only help increase revenue, but will act as a partner to ensure the facility has an infrastructure for financial success long into the future. Marcus and Bill consistently convey a professionalism and dedication to not only the operators they partner with, but also the fitness industry and their ability to make a positive contribution.(www.motionsoft.com)"

Andrew O.

H.E.R.O Project

Working with R2 has been effortless in past ventures. His creativity, vision and attention to detail have made for exceptional results. Communication has been second to none. I was always very clear on the task at hand when R2 would lay out the plan of attack. His understanding of people and how to get his point across in a manner that is clear is a talent I haven't found in many people. I am confident that anyone who has worked or will work with him in the future will have the same experience I had the pleasure to have. He is also a great teacher. I have been able to advance my career because Marcus was a mentor to me on the areas of the industry I was foggy. I would highly recommend anyone who wants to become more to work with such a great professional.

Brian and Callie Casey

WOA (owners)- Bellevue, Cool Springs, and Spring Hill

As novice club owners in the gym industry, we hired R2 for consultation on how to manage our personal training department. In the beginning, we had a general idea about what we thought the PT department shouldbe, including sales goals and how to hold the PT director accountable. After multiple one-on-one meetings, email follow-ups, suggestions on processimprovement and sales coaching, we watched as the numbers rose and realized that having R2 was vital to the continual success of our PT department. They turned our seasoned PT into a PT sales expert! They provided us with a wealth of knowledge on how to get clients and keep them. R2 taught us how to comprehensively approach clients and figure out the best plan for each individual. The focus isn’t just about the financial gain, more so it is to genuinely care for each of them and develop a plan that suits their life and personal training needs. Hiring R2 was the best investment we have made in this business! They met and have continued to exceed any and all expectations we once had. Thank you R2! When we started our first gym, my wife and I had no idea what to expect from our PT department. We hired R2 to teach us how to make money from that side of the business. They taught us how to turn our regular members into personal training customers, how to train our staff and how to hold them accountable. R2 gave us the knowledge and the tools to run an efficient and profitable personal training business, which made us more confident business owners. Hiring R2 Management was the best decision we ever made!

Chris Tedesco

Owner - Body Quest Fitness

As Club owners and Personal Training facilities are trending towards the much more profitable EFT model there are many management companies that claim to have the perfect system. What I have found to be true with most of them is that they are all about “show me the money” and not about building a truly sustainable quality personal training system into your club. I have worked in this model for years not only in the trenches at the club level but also as a international consultant helping clubs build and rebuild their PT dept. I have seen the good, bad, and ugly and what I find consistently with the R2 Management group is their commitment to their clients and taking the best of what the EFT model has to offer and seamlessly implementing it into the clubs that retain their services. I am excited to be developing new projects with R2 Management Group.