An effective systematic approach to your operations is vital to its success. A health club that focuses on maintaining relevant systems and consistently works toward high sales & client retention, ultimately is rewarded with higher profits. Sounds simple, right? Well the truth is most business operators have not taken a solid look in the mirror and accepted that they don’t have all the answers. To follow this one simple principle is the difference between real profits and chasing the market.

The best way to impact this, for the long term, is to have an impactful system which encompass all of your business needs. Let’s face it many clubs still operate on the systems they opened the club with years ago, because it’s comfortable or familiar. Does this truly make sense in the current market?

R2 Management Group has strategic partnerships and developed relationships with dozens of software companies in the industry. We have been a part of or saught after for upgrade ideas to these system, which means we will able to promote the BEST overall system that works for you and your club.

Whether you’re in need of print marketing or up to date effective technologies, R2 Management Group has the means to add and retain members for your club.

  • Your organization system should:
  • Be easy to use
  • Build real value in the club and its amenities
  • Effectively collect POS and draft dollars at
      competitive pricing.
  • Promote the club through current
  • View itself as your business partner
  • Have accurate reporting and metrics for you
       to make powerful decisions.
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