About US:

R2 Management Group was founded with the ideals that represent an execution and commitment to excellence through a collaboration with the health clubs in which we are involved. With Health Club and Personal Training management expertise, our unique perspective allows for what we view as the most important component of the business: to create an alliance within every organizations department’s, thus optimizing the member experience.

Founded in September 2009, R2 Management Group provides personal training management and consulting services to health club owners who desire to maximize personal training revenue with little investment of time.

Through a commitment to excellence, R2 Management Group seeks to establish itself as the premier personal training management and consulting company in the United States. We accomplish this by continuing to provide health club operators the ability to maximize the value of their memberships, and by helping clients realize their fitness goals through our level of professionalism and service.

R2 Management Group is comprised of a management team that played an integral role in founding and/or managing three major national personal training companies over the past 15 years. With over 25 years of combined experience in the fitness industry, this team understands that building a truly great organization requires a commitment to its core values of: service, integrity, passion, professionalism, and the constant pursuit of excellence!

R2 Management Group's singular focus originates in our name: Results & Retention We know that as an owner of a health club, your main objective is to maintain a consistent client base and grow your business. R2 Management Group will assist you in accomplishing this goal exponentially! Our systems are time proven and easily implemented. With a growing number of health clubs competing for the same membership base, a quality personal training department is extremely effective and vital in impacting per member revenue numbers.

What makes us different? We are an organization experienced in both Health Club and Personal Training management, so our collaborative approach has evolved from successes in each. Our level of service and expertise is supported by real world results and techniques that have been proven over time with millions of dollars in revenue generated and retained. Since we have a diverse background in both, we are uniquely positioned to provide our clients with a realistic perspective on how to create the most profitable personal training programs in any environment.

Marcus J. Shanahan


With 24 years experience in sales, banking/finance, technologies, operations and management Marcus has been able to establish a track record of setting and exceeding standards. A clear strategic vision and planning for company growth has been a valued asset in many of these successes and has made planning future projects, managing staff and budgeting an effective way to focus on new projects, integral to multiple profit centers. After several years excelling in the mortgage banking industry as well as system engineer, developer and Sr.Manager for Fortune 500 companies, the passion for fitness and changing peoples lives was always present. This drive lead him into executive leadership roles within the largest personal training companies in the United States, as Director of Operations, V.P., and Managing Partner. His passion for excellence has driven him to seek out the very best in the industry, having similar mindset, and an unmatched drive for success.

Bill Burke


While studying Kinesiology at Penn State University, Bill discovered his true passion for the health and wellness of others. Since joining the fitness industry in 1995 his experiences have taught him that true happiness lies in one's self image and self confidence. He believes personal training is the healthiest option available to assist others in achieving their mind, body, and emotional goals. With 15+ years of fitness industry experience Bill has held positions that include District Manager, Director of Human Resources and Regional Vice President of Sales, in some of the largest outsourced personal training companies in the US. In addition, Bill has worked on the membership side as the Director of Sales and Marketing of a multi-location health club chain in Atlanta, Ga. His hands-on experience, together with his sales and organizational skills give him the ability to effectively recruit, hire, train and manage on very detailed and challenging projects. Through his desire to service his clients with the best options in fitness programming, results and profitability Bill teamed up with long-time friend and previous co-worker to found R2 Management Group